Thursday, July 07, 2005

Where were YOU seven years ago today?

Has it really been that long? Wow -- I'm old. Anyway... I just happened to think that, 7 years ago, I was plodding my way through Europe with some of my closest pals for "business classes" through a program at our college (or, as my dad, who funded my little expedition, appropriately called it after getting slurry phone calls & seeing the pictures: "Pub Tours of Europe"). And why is it that I remember where I was on a random day years ago? Because, coincidentally, we departed the United States for 6+ weeks of general debauchery on America's Independence Day -- July 4, 1998... (first stop: London, England) It's kind of hard to forget irony like that...

Anyway... in honor of that trip, here is a lovely little picture that shows a few of us on the side of the road, drunk as drunk can be (see alcohol spills glaringly visible on clothing)... Consider this my little "toast" to the Kill-Your-Liver-Tour and all of my partners-in-crime -- I wish we still had that lack of responsibility and could do it again. Immediately. If not sooner.


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