Thursday, March 26, 2009

FINALLY -- it's not ALL bad!!!

Changes in your [Facebook Compare People application] ranks:

#1 best to be stuck in handcuffs with (gained 8 places)
#1 merriest (gained 10 places)
#2 most likely to succeed (gained 5 places)
#3 most artistic (gained 18 places)
#5 most adventurous (gained 9 places)


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sweet Viv in her "Wedding" Dress...

Doesn't she look so precious modeling her dress for our wedding? So delicious, I just want to eat her up!!! What a doll... Love it.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

500 Posts & 37 Days...

My 500th post, really? A genuine milestone. I mean, I guess it has been almost 4 years since I started this blog/brain vent (and I have Kimberly to thank for being my inspiration -- she must be so very proud)... My, how time flies...

Wedding Update... 37 days left (deep breaths)... I'm excited and scared and anxious and thrilled, all at the same time!

We got sooooo much done today -- from finishing up registering (The Point, Dement's & Plant the Earth) -- true to form, waiting until the last minute! Also, I have to thank Liz at Plant the Earth for her help and FAB ideas that fit my bohemian tastes! I am so in loooove with what we/she came up with! Having the wedding at home (or actually, at my grandmother's house) and with just family has given us so much freedom to do things EXACTLY the way we want -- from tiramisu to bagpipes! And goodness knows we could not do any of this without my mom & grandmother!!!

We're both gearing up for our bachelor/bachelorette weekends in a couple days -- Jon to the horse races in New Orleans (with a pretty raucous bunch, complete with derby hats & jackets!) and me to Orange Beach with friends. I made them promise that I would not have to wear any penis paraphanelia &/or costumery and I'm holding them to it. Dammit!

So... just over a month. Yay & yikes.


Monday, March 09, 2009

Facebook Compare People Application...

Your [Facebook] friends have voted on your strengths and weaknesses:

best to be stuck in handcuffs with
best shopping companion
most powerful

most outgoing
best public speaker
I guess I can live with this (do I really have a choice?). At least it's better than being at the bottom with "best sense of humor" like I have been for months & months & months! Not to mention, when I try to speak in public, my chest tightens up & I can't breathe, so that one is true! But "outgoing" -- am I that bad!?


Friday, March 06, 2009

pretty baby.

So, she may upstage me at the wedding, but I just could not resist this gorgeous silk dress for my niece, little miss Vivien (and no, she is not the baby in that photo)... I did check with her mama before I bought the frock, lest she think it was just too much... The boys have handsome little black suits, so their sister needed a pretty dress as well! And she will be soooo adorable in it...

Not too sure about the bonnet, but it comes with ruffled bloomers! The kicker, the dress style is called the "Vivienne"! Perfecto!


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Little Miss Perfect.

Has anyone else been watching this horrifying show "Little Miss Perfect" about child pageantry? These momzillas (and the one "pageant dad") are INTENSE!!! Some of these poor little girls are already visibly fucked-up -- crying in the corner after accidentally coloring outside the lines, dancing like a total stripper, blatant & encouraged OCD behavior, and some with attitudes you wouldn't believe! I mean, there is a swimsuit category, the oft-repeated advice, "put some sass in that frass" (I'm serious), spray tans, flippers (big, white dentures!), a little girl with a python, and of course the ENTIRELY too-excited male host... Insane! I seriously cannot believe I'm watching this! I'm appalled. And now I simply cannot...... look...... away.



Why am I putting this on my blog, you ask? Lest you think it's a completely tacky move (believe me, without further explanation, I totally would!), it's really for me & Jon, so we both can keep up with these with just the click of a button -- not a gift solicitation, I promise! We didn't register many places because, let's face it, when you're not having a big blowout wedding, really, should you?

So, again, please be advised that this is not a solicitation for presents. I repeat, this is NOT a solicitation!!! It's just a personal reference guide for us. Kind of like the Honeymooners entry.