Monday, November 24, 2008

Ironic Advertising...

While reading an article in the Detroit Free Press online, I came across this story, and the advertisement that just happened to be placed on the page made me giggle, the irony was so hilarious. And as a car dealer, it's hard to make me giggle about this auto bailout stuff right now!

(Click on the photo to make it larger if necessary as the headline and the ad together are what make this humorous...)


Saturday, November 22, 2008


My beloved Compare People application on Facebook has once again done its duty and stomped on the my self-worth & confidence... And even sadder? That I am letting it. So a hearty thanks to all who have helped to contribute to my totally hollow and selfish online "profile"! Yay.

Anyway, basically it's like this: If not shopping, I might be USEFUL if I would help you out, but I am more specifically unhelpful (and not funny about it) instead. With authority.

Your friends have voted on your strengths and weaknesses:

best shopping companion
most powerful
most useful

most helpful
person with the best sense of humor


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thanks, Facebook...

... for giving me that last little boost of confidence for the day right there, uninvited, at the top of my page when I log on. And I don't even live in Newton! Yep, I feel much better now. ;)
On a side note, I am not currently discussing the election and its results as I am still in a deep state of mourning, disappointment, sadness and shock. Hmph.