Friday, January 20, 2006

First Full Work Week of 2006...

...although I feel as though I have worked for months already (no, we don't get MLK Day off). Oh well -- it's starting to lighten up just a tad (knock on wood, or whatever the hell this desk is made of).

At left is my idea of a little bit of heaven on earth -- candles & wine. Appropriately, this set-up is in the middle of my kitchen atop my butcher block table. How so very me, huh? I swear, you walk into my house & between the plethora of candles I always have burning (one of which I left going all night last night -- well done!) & the wine I'm usually sipping, you'd think you were in a house of ill repute. You know, without the "ill repute" part.

And since my last post contained something negative regarding New Orleans (a city which, by the way, I love-love-love), I thought I'd post a shot of a watercolor I bought in the artisan section around Jackson Square/St. Louis Cathedral... It depicts the Court of Two Sisters (damn, they could make a mean Bloody Mary), and I cherish it even more now, and it's just too lovely not to share:


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