Friday, January 06, 2006

Breaking My Heart.

Ever since Hurricane Katrina (click for a video shot from the Beau Rivage during the storm) hit, the animal situation has brought me to tears -- it's awful. Critters of all kinds have always been so very special to me, so that's where I sent my money first -- to the animal rescue groups -- because the poor animals can't help themselves... And now there is a story about a "puppy boom" on the Coast due to the abandoned animals and neighborhoods. (See the links on my sidebar for different rescue organizations and please, Please, PLEASE help if you can... Give, help, donate, ADOPT! I hate to be a solicitor, but the need is there... and it is crucial.)
To quote a friend of mine from New Orleans: "i generally like animals more than people. but other people who also like animals more than people are definitely worth liking more than animals :)"

Amen, sister.


Blogger Kimpossible said...

You & Mouton need to get together. She's got several foster pets from the coast right now. I would, but my husband would have a bad asthma attack.


Nah, it's probably not a good idea for other reasons too. Plus, I wouldn't want that on my conscience (the asthma attack).

10:32 PM  
Blogger *the queen* said...

I so wish I had the time & space to take some in (excuses, excuses... although you never know)... my dad actually did bring home a "refugee" cat a family could no longer care for -- does blood relative doing something good automatically give me points?

I'm afraid Mouton & I might argue about our taste in naming the dogs -- I don't know how many Gidget Ann's I could do... Hee, hee...

(and your sweet n.o. roommate/suitemate in the lovely sanderson hall was the one who i quoted in the post, just fyi...)

9:09 AM  

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