Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Long Road to an Update...

Well, since I have been a total slacker lately about updating as of late and since it is a direct result of just how busy October has been for me, I will attempt to summarize my past few weeks mostly in pictures, with a few explanatory blurbs thrown in here & there (because we all know I just can't help myself). So here goes...

First, there was my friend Ashley's wedding in Lafayette, Louisiana, which was soooo much fun! It was the first chance in a long, long time that this group of college pals was able to get together... and, of course, drama HAD to ensue!!! As my friend Katie (that's her pretty little self there to the left) said, "One night was probably just enough. Don't you agree that after 24 hrs, the drama and agitation begins to ignite!?" Touche'.
And of course, Cassie was there in all her glory (see below)... Can't wait to see what the crazy girl pulls out of her hat at her OWN wedding in March!!!
I think we had enough fun & drama to tide us over until the next one of us leaps off the tower of singledom (you're up, Cass!)... A fantastic weekend & a tired liver........ Congrats, Ashley & Brian!!!

Fast forward to the next weekend when Jon & I trucked our happy asses up to Starkville for the Mississippi State vs. Tennessee football game with our friends Scotty & Tana (not surprisingly, State lost) where I had a nice view of an orange mullet (team spirit anyone?) and a nice view of some unintentional porn as drawn by the little girl in front of me:
Moving right along...... Last weekend, I helped to give a baby shower for my friend Molly who is having a baby girl! (and can I just say that M.W. has got to be one of the most adorable pregnant girls I've ever seen!?) Yet another group of girlfriends from college who I had not seen in waaaay too long! We all sat around together the night before, drank wine (well, except for sweet Molly), and tried to catch one another up on the past few years -- quite a daunting task for just one night! (and for those of you concerned, the shower was a lovely success)
I then headed south from Jackson to meet Jon & 6 other friends in New Orleans for some good food, good drinks, good friends, and a good Saints game (they beat the Falcons 22-16!)... We ate dinner Saturday night at K-Paul's and then commenced to carousing on Bourbon Street, more drinking at Pat O'Brien's in the piano bar, and finally the Cat's Meow for some karaoke (not me, thank heavens!) before calling it a night...(author's note: upon seeing the above photo, Jon exclaimed, "Oh my God, I'm all head!") And now I am all caught up (well, sort of). Whew! It may not look like much, but that was no easy task!!! I'm sure I left out a few things here & there and that I will revisit more of this later as there just is not enough time in the day to do everyone & everything justice, but this is it for now (plus, I'm waiting on some pals to forward me some of their pics)... I will just have to do better about my updating from here on out. Onward & upward!!!


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better to be all head than all tail, I always say...

looks like good times all the way around!

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