Thursday, November 01, 2007

wikipedia surfing...

i haven't done enough of this lately... and i'm already hooked again!!! just a few items for funsies:

Big Lurch -- "In April 2002, Singleton murdered Tynisha Ysais in her apartment while under the influence of PCP... Teeth marks were found on her face and lungs, which had been torn from her chest. Eyewitnesses reported that when Singleton was picked up by police, he was naked in the middle of the street, covered in blood and staring at the sky. A medical examination performed shortly after his capture found human flesh in his stomach which was not his own."
Angel Dust
punding... punding... punding...
International Headache Society -- I should be an honorary member...
People From Mississippi
Jean Lanfray -- "Swiss Family Murderer"
Andy Warhol -- Who knew he died of water intoxication?



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