Thursday, March 13, 2008

things that make me smile...

  • Pulling into my driveway each night and seeing Kitty Bug springing from the porch to greet me....
  • I just so happen to own THE most comfortable mattress known to human- [and dog] kind....
  • Finding that *perfect* gift for someone.
  • My Grandmother!!!!
  • The ritual my shih tzu, Mattie, goes through of stuffing her cheeks like a hamster full of dry dog food, trotting to a different & somehow more desirable dining locations, politely spitting out pouched food, and then savoring each nugget one by one in self-imposed peace & quiet...
  • Raw oysters at Acme in NOLA..
  • Faith, Hope & Love....
  • Reading a really, really, really good book. One that makes you miss it after you're done.
  • Pictures, pictures, and more pictures!!!!
  • All the good music I can stand!
  • Good family, good friends (most of them anyway), & good cheer!
  • My too-good-for-me boyfriend, who has oh-so-patiently stood beside me through every crying jag, mood swing, pity party, temper tantrum, etc. You're a good man, Charlie Brown!!!! And I love you to bits!


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