Saturday, March 08, 2008

zeppelin. love, love, love.

I'm currently spending my Saturday lazing around on my couch watching live Led Zeppelin shows on VH1 Classic, and loving it. I was totally born a Zeppelin fan, just a few years too late to ever be there, in the moment. Fool in the Rain, The Ocean, Dazed & Confused, Tangerine, Kashmir, When the Levee Breaks, In My Time of Dying, Trampled Underfoot, Gallows Pole, Hot Dog, etc., I'm in love with them all... I've even read books on the band (so I'm a dorky fan to boot!)... These rumors of a possible U.S. spate of shows after the success of the reunion show across the pond delights me to no end! I would so be there, wherever "there" might be!!!

I'm just a happy, mellow and chill little camper right now...


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