Wednesday, July 08, 2009

"Dear" Obama...

Mr. President, the longer you are in office, the less confidence I have in our government, economy, communities and country as a whole and the worse my life becomes. While I readily -- and proudly -- admit that I did NOT vote for you, I held out the highest hopes that you would be able to do good things for this country, for the good of ALL of us. However, in less than 6 months, those hopes have been mercilessly dashed beyond my wildest imagination.

Not only does my family own a General Motors car dealership who had no Democratic Congressman to go plead my case to in an effort to get our dealership "cut" reversed ("gangster government") -- something which I find absolutely DEPLORABLE -- but now we are dealing with this new COBRA policy you have put into effect. I would call it laughable if it wasn't going to cost our already suffering business a pretty penny. Do you really think that people will pay their premiums when they are given 45 days to do so!? You basically just set it up so that they can seamlessly work the system! Get on COBRA, get your illness taken care of, let your former employer pay the premium, don't pay the employer, get your insurance canceled, and guess who is sitting pretty after that? Most definitely not the former employer. And we even have to pay for people who were terminated for wrongdoing, be it stealing, lying, whatever? Ridiculous.

I'm not sure what world you live in up in D.C., but you apparently have no idea how the rest of us live -- or since you took over, TRY to live. We joke about our "Obama pile" of changes that you have made and that most everyone and every business I know and have spoken to cannot keep up with, even though nothing about what you have done is funny. You are setting us up for a liability not out of negligence, but out of our of not being able to understand and keep up with all of these preposterous policy changes, all the while trying to keep a business up and running and people employed.

I am not sure that I could be more disappointed in my President. This country is much worse off than before you took office and we are fast becoming a laughing stock around the world (why do you think Putin gave you a dissertation on the Cold War?). Perhaps you should listen to people around you who have more expertise in the fields in which you are making these decisions. And if you are already doing so, then, sir, you have the wrong people around you.

Skirting Congress with the appointment of "czars" borders on dictatorship and you should be ashamed -- this is not just YOUR country, this is OUR country. It would be nice if you would start to recognize that. I sincerely question your judgment and am fearful of where we will all be in 3.5 years, given where we have gone in just 6 months. It is a scary, scary thought, and I can assure you that I am not the only one who thinks this way -- I'm just not sure you listen to us. It sure doesn't seem like you do.

Thank you for making my life a living, breathing hell. I can assure you that nothing about you has been a pleasure for me. Please start putting some thought -- or rather, RATIONAL thought -- into your decisons and not just how it will affect one group. We live in a democracy, I think someone needs to remind you of that.



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