Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The New Black? WTF?

I thought it only fitting to explain why I chose "The New Black" as the name of my blog... Well, really it is just a play on words -- por ejemple, "Oh, you simply must get some red leather chaps immediately -- they are like the new black!" You know, because they go with everything. That way, no subject is off-limits. Which is good, since I can [unintentionally] be quite random at times...

My friend,
Kimberly, suggested that I call it "WTF" -- a very noble suggestion since I use that phrase more often than I realize (or should). I have had some very adept guesses as to what those three lovely letters stand for (one of them starting out with "Whore") from those less foul-mouthed than myself who do not store this phrase in their everyday vocabulary. Sooooooo, for those few of you still wondering what is stands for: "What The Fuck"... Lovely, huh? Hark, fair Juliet speaks!!!! I know I still make my parents proud, dammit. (Then again, they do not read this, but methinks they might recognize me if they saw the pictures -- just maybe.)

To give more perspective on just how bad my language can be, we now close the door to our office at work because we often deal with & talk about ultra-top secret stuff (you know, the type that would cause us to have to kill you if we told you -- after all, people, this IS a car dealership!)... But I know the real reason: it's because of Kelly's foul mouth.

I guess I just figured there was no reason to censor my language on here (okay, I'm not THAT bad!) because without the use of certain words, I just do not know if I could communicate effectively. Sad, isn't it?

Let's just suffice to say I'm not a girl who is easily offended, yet I'm still ever a lady. Yeah, that sounds good.......... until I think of something better.


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