Monday, January 30, 2006

Lone Star, Long Trip.

We went to a miniature horse show this past wknd. in Texas (my grandmother owns them: Glenn Oaks Farm). 4 female members of my family -- count 'em, F-O-U-R -- in one car, to Ft. Worth & back. That's a lot of closely-related estrogen in one small, confined space!!! But we survived w/ only a few minor claw marks & ego-scratches -- mostly my mom & aunt, who are like oil & water. Hell, they even managed to get into a fight over Christmas about how to set the damn table! Ahhhh, family... But otherwise it went really well b/c our horse, "Oh-So-Remarkable", won 3 Grand Champion ribbons (there were 3 judges) and 1 Supreme, which is the equivalent of "Best in Show"... You can see his picture to the left after the show, looking quite ready to go home. He was glaring @ me like, "Get this damn halter off of me, now I've done all you asked!!!" (note: he wasn't wearing that ratty halter for his catwalk prance in the arena)


Blogger Kimpossible said...

How many people who read this blog can tell the difference between a "ratty" halter and a nice one? I want to know.

9:11 PM  
Blogger *the queen* said...

Any fine equestrian guru knows THAT is not a show halter. And now you do, too... ;)

1:21 PM  

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