Monday, January 23, 2006


The Happiest Pussy in the World. Yep, there she is, just in case you were wondering. No surprise that the loving is coming from Jon, her new boyfriend (even though I thought he was mine, my pets apparently think otherwise). Not only is he cheating on me with my mom's bird Talullah, but also with my dog & cat. Maybe he's the whore.

"The West Wing" got cancelled, huh? Awwwww (that's literallly dripping with sarcasm, by the way). I used to really like that show, but I quit watching for two reasons: 1.) it got waaaaaaaaaay too involved in & critical of true-to-life political situations/figures & Aaron Sorkin & his 'shrooms are not my President [please note that no policital comments are necessary as I have now been not watching for years & I know there are no arguments that will change how I feel, or how you feel if you disagree -- no sense in rattling cages], and 2.) the real nail in the coffin was when Martin Sheen stands in a cathedral after his secretary is killed (Episode #44 "Two Cathedrals"), looks up, and exclaims: "Am I really to believe that these are that acts of a loving God? A just God? A wise God?" Bartlet exclaims. "To hell with your punishments. I was your servant here on Earth. And I spread your word and I did your work. To hell with your punishments. To hell with you."

Just one more blurb about critters in my plants (this one combines my pansy infatuation with a reptile this time)... I now have an anole (lizard, for you laymen out there) hanging out in one of my pots... My house is apparently just a critter haven. Well, that, or I go looking for them more than the average joe:


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