Monday, July 23, 2007

river rats...

Yep, there he is... my Jon, in all his glory. Exemplifying true river rattedness. This past weekend, we were invited to spend a couple days with some friends boating down [or actually, up] the Alabama River. (Thanks Kimmy & Steven!!!) Lots of drinking, eating, talking, laughing, drinking, harassing each other, good music, hot air (in several ways), and yes, more drinking... Good times, good friends, good cheer.... (my grandparents used to have some cocktail napkins that said that: "Good times, good friends, good cheer... Madge & Buck are glad you're here!") [groan]

To explain the picture at the top of this post, there is a strict rule of "No Smoking On The Boat" (can't blame them, it's their boat & they aren't smokers), so Jon is getting his nicotine fix while immersed in the water & floating on a life jacket... And you just thought I was the classy one!!! ;)

And Meredith, you're a fabulous cook, btw (and an even better drinker!). Even if the spinach dip is premade from Wal-Mart, it's still damn good stuff!!! Don't ever think we don't appreciate every last bite!!! I think we have the Bloody Marys pretty much down pat, now we just need to work on perfecting those mojitos!!! (any good excuse works, right?)

I only wish I could do something like that every day of every week of every year.... much, much more relaxing & enjoyable than work! Unfortunately, I have yet to find anyone who wants to actually pay me to sit on my fat ass & do nothing. Let me know if anyone hears of any openings, ok? ;)



Blogger Mother Goose said...

I swear I'm still alive. It's just that I had this kid about 2.8 years ago and then there's work and whatnot.

You have replaced me with another "Kimmy" I see. Hmph. Absence obviously does NOT make the heart grow fonder.

I'm not going to Turkey in case you haven't heard. Got a great job here and couldn't turn down stability and readily-available peanut butter. See you at MMW's shower.

The OTHER Kimmy

10:52 PM  

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