Wednesday, June 20, 2007

News & Mews...

Tonight, I'm packing up to go on a vacation. That's when I weed through my closet of mostly unworn clothes, some (nay, many!) with tags still on them. Meaning, that's about the only time I do it. And really, it's so demoralizing to wait this long to try on some of these items again, only to find that they just don't seem to fit like they used to. Dammit. Another reminder...

But back to that key word up there: VACATION. Getting the frick out of town! Yippeeee!!! This trip to Chicago is my Christmas present from Jon -- just now being cashed in... We are taking the train overnight, which means that we can sleep for most of the actual travel portion of the trip. And we all know how much I like my sleep, right? I'm a total sleep whore. I love it. LOVE it. So travel involving sleep? I'm so there.

ION... An orange & white kitten rode into work with one of my co-workers under/in his car, and being that I work with a bunch of suckers for animals (myself included, of course), the little guy spent the day sitting around the office with us girls -- eating, sleeping, purring, you name it. He was a total sweetheart.
Well, that being said, guess what lucky individual had to take him home when the work day ended? You guessed it. Moi. But actually, he was a pleasure -- got along great with Kitty Bug and the other cat who gladly eats the food I put out but won't let me touch him/her. They played and played -- I really think Kitty thought I brought her the kitten as a toy. I need another cat like I need a hole in the head. For real. But I can't resist a cute face and a sweet mew. However, I need to be careful because I was sitting on my front porch last night, kitten in my lap and Kitty Bug circling me wanting to be petted, and I realized that I must look like a crazy cat lady to passersby! (luckily I have a pretty big front yard!)
Well, when I came into work yesterday morning, one of the guys who I could tell had been kind of wanting to take the kitten home greeted me at the door and said he and his wife would love to take the kitten. I'd grown somewhat attached to the little fellow over the course of our 2-day cohabitation, but let's be realistic -- not enough to pass up the chance to place him in a good home! I'm lucky to have found him a home at all! Much less a farm with other cats, a dog, horses, etc. So I brought him in with me this morning, off he went to his new home, and commenced to settling right on in! He'll be a happy, happy, happy kitty... The cat gods should adore me.



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