Saturday, March 15, 2008

a day in the life of.........

I spent the day sunbathing in my backyard (sounds like trailer trash, I know, but my backyard is totally secluded) -- it was a beautiful & just breezy enough 82°F (spring is definitely rearing its lovely and colorful head around here)... Now I'm watching one of what Jon calls my Netflix "weird-ass movies", You, Me and Everyone We Know. A lovely Saturday! (Jon was in Demopolis working on his boat all day.)

One of my sweet porch kitties left me a lovely little present at the door: a dead lizard. Aren't I the luckiest girl ever?

Plans are underway for the Mullet Toss '08 trip to the Flora-Bama. If last year is any indication, it should be a hell of a good time, folks!

The dogs and I had an impromptu photo session on Thursday, so here are a few of the results (what can I say, I adore my subjects). It was nothing spectacular, but long overdue:
Speaking of, I had an adorable "a is for annie" onesie made for my friend Molly's even more adorable 3-month old, Annie. My only request in return was just photo of little miss Annie modeling it; and this is what she sent. Words cannot express how delicious this little girl is:
She's so darn cute, it makes my uterus hurt a little.



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