Wednesday, March 11, 2009

500 Posts & 37 Days...

My 500th post, really? A genuine milestone. I mean, I guess it has been almost 4 years since I started this blog/brain vent (and I have Kimberly to thank for being my inspiration -- she must be so very proud)... My, how time flies...

Wedding Update... 37 days left (deep breaths)... I'm excited and scared and anxious and thrilled, all at the same time!

We got sooooo much done today -- from finishing up registering (The Point, Dement's & Plant the Earth) -- true to form, waiting until the last minute! Also, I have to thank Liz at Plant the Earth for her help and FAB ideas that fit my bohemian tastes! I am so in loooove with what we/she came up with! Having the wedding at home (or actually, at my grandmother's house) and with just family has given us so much freedom to do things EXACTLY the way we want -- from tiramisu to bagpipes! And goodness knows we could not do any of this without my mom & grandmother!!!

We're both gearing up for our bachelor/bachelorette weekends in a couple days -- Jon to the horse races in New Orleans (with a pretty raucous bunch, complete with derby hats & jackets!) and me to Orange Beach with friends. I made them promise that I would not have to wear any penis paraphanelia &/or costumery and I'm holding them to it. Dammit!

So... just over a month. Yay & yikes.



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