Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Absurd Observation.

So I'm sitting on my backporch this evening listening to the crickets (it's exciting here in Meridian, what can I tell ya?) while my dog, Mattie, gnawed away at this really nasty-looking, no-telling-how-old rawhide chew. Of course, you'd have to see the *gusto* she puts into what one would think should be a simple act -- she's a serious little machine. But anyway... so I sat there like a dumbass watching her, and I mean, she devoured it. I thought for a minute she was going to choke on it after gulping like she'd just swallowed a grapefruit, but it apparently went down just fine.

The above-referenced observation comes next. Let's see, what would YOU do after having a really big, good snack that just satisfied your hunger perfectly? Well, if you're a 9-lb. shih tzu, apparently you would intently throw yourself onto your back right on your eating site and just rub yourself all over it with a big, fat, goofy look on your face. Okay, even if that IS territory-marking, isn't it a little late? The food is already gone -- YOU ate it! Or actually she did. (I'm thinking shih tzus were not bred for their hunting & predatory skills.) But anyway..........

(cue hollow, polite chuckle)
Probably more of a "you-had-to-be-there" moment, huh? Whatever... it was damn funny, I don't care what anybody says. Just think if your first instinct after eating was to do that. Ew.


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