Monday, October 31, 2005

Boo. (click here)

From My Daily Horoscope (Aquarius): "You've never been shy, much less afraid to express your feelings in grand, dramatic style..."

Okay, is it me, or is even my horoscope calling me a "drama queen"? Hmmm... maybe there is something to this astrology stuff. Ha!

Happy Halloween... What am I dressing up as tonight? I'm gonna be none other than myself. I thought I did pretty good to be wearing an orange shirt with a black blazer today -- so festive. I drew the line at carrying my orange suede purse as well -- I don't want to look like "The Great Pumpkin"... I don't have kids, so I don't have to do the trick-or-treating thing, and there are no trick-or-treaters where I live, so I guess I'm off the hook altogether. I can concentrate my efforts on getting a nice little wine buzz...

On a different note, I have quickly started doing something that I swore I would never do -- I have become addicted to my morning dose of Good Morning America (despite spending several years making fun of co-workers for talking about Diane [Sawyer] and Charlie [Gibson] like they were old friends), leading into "Live! with Regis and Kelly"... I always said I would never stoop to the suburban housewife level -- especially since I don't stay at home & I'm not a wife -- but it's happening. I started watching GMA after Hurricane Katrina hit & Robin Roberts was going back to her hometown of Pass Christian in my homestate of Mississippi & helping with the relief effort -- HUGE brownie points!!!! I just think she's gone above & beyond the call of duty & I love, love, love her!!!! And I can't help it, but Kelly Ripa is just the most adorable thing ever -- she is the kind of girl I normally hate, but for some reason, I love her... What is happening to me???? Someone, quick, stop me before I start watching Martha Stewart (although I must say, the bitch IS pretty creative)...


Blogger Kimpossible said...

I, too, LOVE Kelly Ripa. And I usually don't like chicks like that either. Maybe we're turning gay. Ha!

8:26 PM  

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