Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Home Alone.

Yep, that's me. Home alone all week, left to find entertainment for myself (aside from my ever-present girls, the cat & dog, of course) while my boyfriend is off at some business-related retreat at the Lake Tiak-O'khata Resort. [I always found the use of the word "resort" here a little bit of a stretch, but I also haven't been back in years, so I'm biting my tongue. Sort of.] Now, the part of this that I find ironic is, this is a "Leadership for Lauderdale" (the county we reside in) retreat, but it's being held in ANOTHER Mississippi county. WTF? I told Jon he might suggest a good way for them to help bring business to Lauderdale County would be to USE IT THEMSELVES!!!! You know, set a good example? Good Lord. Bureaucracy, I swear...

On a sad note (sniff, sniff), I have temporarily lost my beloved camera. However, the good news is, I know when and where I last had it, so I know it is SOMEWHERE within a 3 to 5-foot vicinity in my house, but I still have yet to get my grubby paws on it. And so, until I can find it, I'm having to pull photos from my archives until I can get my shit together and locate the sneaky little contraption. For your viewing pleasure (in honor of the fact that I stayed @ the The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas last week, & because I just love this picture), I am including a gaw-geous photo of the real Venetian skyline. If you ever get the chance to go -- and not that you need me to tell you -- but by all means, GO!!!! Immediately, if not sooner.
BREAKING NEWS: At approximately 6:25 p.m. on Monday night, the much-adored Sony Cybershot camera I was missing so was recovered. [sigh of relief & end of bitching] And yes, it was in the 3-5 foot vicinity that I assumed it was in, and that I had also scoured relentlessly for the better part of an hour last night. Sometimes, I even amaze myself by the way I can hide my own stuff...


Blogger Kimpossible said...

YAYA for the recovery. I am all about the find.

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