Friday, June 16, 2006

Belize This...

I got back from Belize Tuesday night -- had a most lovely, hilarious, mah-velous, smashing time!!! The spirituality, the location, the people, the comaraderie, the friendships, the food, the drinks, the animals, the fastastically crystal blue & seafoam green water, the cool breeze, the sun, and the moon... it all melded together to make for a wonderful, wonderful trip... if only I could be back there right now!!!

The group I met up with had been doing mission work (which you can see more of HERE), which included my dad. Lucky me to be able to go down there as a Father's Day present b/c it was really a treat for me, too!!! (yes, I did get him something else -- I'm no ungrateful daughter, & I loooove my daddy!)

Oh, I got called a "fucking bitch" by a 4-year old Belizean kid. That's always a nice accomplishment to brag about. And I wasn't even the one who was haggling w/ them about the overpriced necklaces they were trying to sell to my friend, Christi!!! The little piss-ants (or, as my grandmother would say, "piss-AINTS") of various ages ranging from about 4-10 years old, were mad after she [quite bitchily] showed them where she bought a similar one for far less. They started spitting out words that little kids that age should not know -- that even I did not know at that age, & that's saying something! Christi was the one who was really egging them on, as we were walking behind them on the beach en route to a bar, of course -- nice. All I said to one of them -- after hearing a torrent of obscenities already -- was, "You're an angry little shit, aren't you?" to which he responded, "fucking bitch" (or more like, "fuck-ing bee-tch"). See? Obviously, he was an angry little shit! My dad walked up later, put his arm around me, chuckled, & said, "Do you feel better now that you got to curse a little kid?" Yes, yes I did.

Christi, on the other hand (who barely weighs 110 lbs. soaking wet), was nearly chasing them down yelling, "Where do you live? Does your momma know you say words like that!?" all the while mumbling, "Little fuckers!" Lest anyone think we're that terrible, we were all laughing, so it's not like we were abusing little kids or anything. But those were some little shits, for sure... I later met a group of adorable kids in town & played with them & their dogs -- my favorite little girl even gave me a necklace she made & my heart melted...

Okay, I have a million pictures that I wanted to include in this post & Blogger is revolting on me AGAIN. I mean, WTF!? I think I only have, like, a 1 in 25,499 shot of the pic uploading whenever I try, & now I'm frustrated so fuck it. But I will include them later, I promise.

On a slight side note that I just couldn't resist, is it me, or is Sean Preston Federline Spears (or whatever-the-hell that child's surname is) making the Star Trek Vulcan salute with an evil little sneer on his face in this picture? It's a damn good thing I'm not a Trekkie, because my fingers won't do that. :)


Blogger Silent One said...

sounds beautiful!!!!

had to giggle at the little shits... kids... sheeeesh

blogger is the one being the little shit now.

9:44 AM  
Blogger *the queen* said...

It was definitely beautiful!!! Hot & humid, but beautiful! Plus, being a Mississippi girl, I'm pretty used to the hot & humid!!! ;)

And I agree about blogger -- I'm gonna try to go another round with it today, so we'll see what happens. It may call me the same thing the little kid called me!!! Hee, hee...

10:50 AM  

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