Monday, June 26, 2006

The Long & Short of It...

Another weekend has come & gone -- too short, as always. Then again, have I ever complained about a weekend being too long!? It just doesn't happen...

Last night I tried to help Jon out on a drawing he was doing for a t-shirt design (oh, who am I kidding -- I just wanted to color & soothe the OCD demons, & he needed someone to color), but I was interrupted when a fluffy black & white pussy decided to plop down on the drawing while I was working on it. Of course, she was forgiven... as my little bitchy princess, she always is.
We did actually get a tad bit of rain this past weekend -- finally. Seriously, my yard sounds like a box of Rice Krispies when you walk on it. It's really more like I'm cultivating HAY rather than GRASS. But, on the bright side, with the rain came this oh-so-pretty rainbow seen to the left. What I really found funny (though it doesn't show up as well in the picture) is that LOWE'S was at the end of the rainbow. I had to send this one to my dad as that place IS his pot 'o gold:
I know my "frog chronicles" are a major source of excitement (ha!) and, lucky for you, I got the chance to blind yet another frog with my camera flash last night. Hey, it's the price they must pay for hanging out (literally, on every freaking outside surface) at & on my house! But rest assured, no animals were or ever are harmed during these photo sessions. ;)

Wow... Is this post boring or what? Good Lord... my apologies. Although, I must admit, sometimes boring & mellow is better than having too much drama & excitement to write about, huh?


Blogger Silent One said...

it's the price they must pay for hanging out

THEY!!! how many constitutes THEY???

I though you had ONE little froggy...

10:50 PM  
Blogger *the queen* said...

"THEY" meaning the multitudes of tree frogs who just sit around the walls on the outside of my house. I mean, we're not talking plague-like proportions here, but I am a few miles outside of town, so it's nice, dark & quiet @ my humble abode... Guess they like that (for the same reasons I did!)

10:53 AM  

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