Monday, May 21, 2007

Oh Baby!

As one of the dwindling holdouts of my age group (for now), I still find it weird to watch a lot of my friends becoming parents -- some several times over! One of my oldest and best friends in the world, Heather, just had her first child last week, a little boy named Robert Grayson (Gray). Of course that's him there to the left -- is he not just absolutely delicious!?

Well, little does this kid know, but I have ordained myself the unofficial godmother. You see, a few years ago. I forced Heather to go out on the town one night with myself and my then-boyfriend... and it was that night when she met her husband, and little Gray's father. So essentially, he exists because of ME!!! (It's an art to be able to turn everything around to be about yourself, isn't it?)

Speaking of friends' babies, I forgot to post that one there to the right of me with my college pal Amanda's little boy, Shep... And yes, it appears as though he's giving my cleavage a thorough "look-see", doesn't it? Hee, hee... It was just a stroke of luck that Amanda & I happened to be at the beach at the same time (especially since she lives in Kentucky!)... I'm just glad I finally got to the meet the little guy (and visit with her, too, of course)! What a cutie...

When you have cute friends... what else can you expect but cute babies!? But don't worry -- I'm not there just yet!!! ;)



Blogger Memphis Steve said...

The boy may be young, but he knows what's important in life.

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