Wednesday, August 26, 2009

hope & change, my friends...

Long story short, we have some customers who just went from a car to an SUV and think something is wrong with the SUV (mind you, it's highly possible that they just aren't used to how one drives compared to a car). We have had it tested it for EVERYTHING -- both internally AND by a third-party dealer. Prognosis by all? "Operating as designed". (Obviously we want to help, but there really appears to be nothing wrong that anyone can find!) So anyway, one evening the customer calls and one of our salesmen is calmly & kindly trying to help her and calm her down (mind you, not HER salesman as she had already been so ugly to him that he was done) when out of nowhere she starts calling him a racist -- then goes on to say, and I quote, "All you just mad because Obama got elected."

Hold the f-ing phone. Really? I mean, REALLY!? The reality could not be further from the truth and it makes me utterly sick to my stomach just to have it said at all, no matter its validity (or in this case, INvalidity). Is this what our society is stooping to now? Sad...

The kicker? We come to work the next morning to find a rock thrown through our front window and glass everywhere. Coincidence? Perhaps, but you tell me.


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