Monday, February 06, 2006

Superbowl XL (as in, "eXtra Large"?)

If you're talking about "Urethra" Franklin's titties during the National Anthem, then yes, EXTRA LARGE is the correct term. All I could think is how much carrying those monsters around must hurt -- I'm not kidding. You've got to have a serious brassiere that means it when it says "support" when you have those...

The Superbowl itself... well, there's no need for me to expound on it. I was for the Steelers (but not adamantly so) in a sea of Seahawks fans. But I had no money riding on it, so I didn't really care. I just drank instead.

But wow, do the Rolling Stones look OLD. However, it saddens me to think that just a couple of minutes of running around like Mick Jagger would likely make me pass out... However, at the same time, it gives me some pleasure that despite his uber-skinny appearance, he still has "bat wings" (underarm/tripcep floppiness). I'm comforted by that for some strange reason. That, and the fact that Keith Richards didn't keel over dead, even if he did look like a corpse.

Quote of the Game from a fellow [male] viewer:

"Man, if the Seahawks win, 'The View' is gonna be off tha hook tomorrow!!!"
(referring to Elizabeth Hasselbeck, 'View' co-host and wife of Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeck)


Blogger Needra said...

hahahahaha.... you know what? I thought the exact same thing about Mick and his bat wings!!!
Then for some odd reason I noticed that Dear Old Mick, doesn't have any tattoo's.
I only watched the superbowl at the half time. Was tres disappointed with the Stones!

7:57 AM  

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