Monday, May 22, 2006

Weekend of Excitement!!!

Okay, so that is completely misleading as I did not leave my house after getting home from work on Friday until I came to work this Monday morning. That is, so long as the fenced-in backyard doesn't count, and by my rules (the only rules that matter in my world), it doesn't. What was I doing, you may ask? Well, mostly being ill & sleeping... but when I wasn't sleeping, I was feeling like shit & letting anyone within earshot know it.

Of course, don't think that being sick stopped me from taking pointless and silly pictures of my "kids" and other random stuff... At left is a chronology of Winston moving in for the kill (i.e. gluttonously & impulsively taking Mattie's chewy when she's not paying attention, which is quite often -- although she is slowly learning that I will not always be there to come to her rescue)... You can tell at what point she turned her back to him and I yelled, "Winston, no!" I swear, the poor thing must think that a stern "no!" is the 2nd part of his name. The good news, though, is that he takes to that name quite well...

Funny story... A co-worker of mine ran to Fred's, a discount chain in the Southeast U.S. that has a little bit of everything (office supplies, snacks, meds, etc.) for prices comparable to illegal overseas child labor wages. Anyway, said co-worker was directed by her sister as to where to find an item in the store before she ventured inside, & her directions included, "Go in, head right, & when you see the saddles, it's right there." You heard me -- SADDLES. All I can say is, WTF!? They say they sell "everyday essentials", but let's be honest, how "everyday" are saddles? Maybe it's all relative, but for most discount-shoppers, I cannot imagine a saddle being an "everyday essential". That is, unless your main mode of transportation is by horse, in which case I would not recommend riding downtown. But it made me laugh nonetheless, which then induced yet another coughing fit...

Okay, I had to throw in this one little gem. Pierced Eyeglasses? I'm sorry, but I'd rather wear a monocle with a 10-foot chain hanging down than have a barbell drilled into my nose so that my glasses can rest daintily atop its bridge. They have no plans to go commercial with this idea? Well, I wonder why...

Okay, enough of Monday. NEXT!
(forgive me -- I watched the "Soup Nazi" episode of Seinfeld this weekend)


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