Friday, May 19, 2006

Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired...

I am sick with the bird flu, emphysema, typhoid, TB, the plague, and about a million other things. No, but seriously, I have been sick with a hacking cough (it's lovely, you should hear it), I talk like I have cotton balls jammed up my nose, and since I have to breathe through my mouth, I sound a bit like Darth Vader. Really, it's a lovely, lovely time to be around me. I feel about like little Mattie there -- pooped (except for the fact that she's tired from laying around all day long & fending off the other household crumb-snatcher, Winston).

Random Observation (and I mean really random): I took this picture just around the corner from my house after getting stuck behind a backhoe moving at a snail's pace, if not a wee bit slower. Boredom can do amazing things. But anyway, my point is, does it not look like one of the default Windows backgrounds ("Bliss" -- see left) that comes on your computer? Well, without the rolling hills & clouds... plus there's a fence... and cows... and trees... but still: Anyway, it's Friday, & while I've had yet another drama-filled week at work, I don't feel as much of a need to institute to the "no-give-a-fuck" policy this weekend. I'm not ruling it out, just not putting it into immediate effect.

Take a gander at my silly-ass dog, Winston, at right. He is a total SPAZ (seriously, you have no idea). He looked up at me & his ears were sticking out like ponytails, so of course I couldn't resist snapping away. Oh, & hilarious that when you look up "spaz" at (which I love, love, love), it suggests similar words such as: mong, twat, & fucktard. Classic. Although I would never stoop to calling my sweet Winston a "fucktard". Spaz is sufficient.

I think daffodil season here has been over for months, yet I found this little jewel growing in a corner of one of my flowerbeds. No doubt a result of my random midnight flower-planting session I had several months back. I take no credit for the 'shrooms, though:

I apologize for the dullness of this post. Kind of reflects how I feel right now -- just bleh. If only I could hack nice & loud through the computer for you, but alas, technology is not that advanced yet. Well, I could record it & finagle a bunch of shit, but I'm not gonna. So just use your imagination. It's probably much better anyway.


Blogger Silent One said...

sorry to hear you aren't feeling good.... sounds like allergies to me...

Hope your weekend is full of rest and relaxation...

9:01 PM  
Blogger *the queen* said...

I have managed to sleep most of the weekend away -- whether it be the result of the crud I have, the meds I'm taking for it, or my affinity for sleep, I'm not sure... But it sure has been nice!!!

9:27 AM  

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