Monday, September 18, 2006

Drunk Photography.

Below is what happens when you make the mistake of turning to the really, Really, REALLY drunk guy next to you in the bar & ask him to take your picture. You know, the guy who just slid the ashtray your way & in the process, his lit cigarette comes hurling at you as well? The one who won't talk & sure as hell doesn't know how to use a digital camera? And who is obviously not willing to put forth any effort into learning, as evidenced by the photo below:
Not. Even. Close. Nice, huh? Oh, and just for the record, the woman in the white shirt? Not with us. Don't even know her, though she does seem to be his point of focus (however, she did take a much better picture for us later -- see left). Hell, he was probably just pointing it at the the only light-colored blur he saw, if at all. But seriously, didn't "drunk guy" do a fantastic job? My question is also this: why go out to a bar & pay a premium on your drinks if you don't want to socialize & be even remotely friendly? I mean, get a fifth of whiskey, stay home, turn up the radio, & just get piss-ass drunk without paying more & risking the DUI... but maybe that's just me.


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That is just too funny!

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