Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Spread Eagle, Haircut, & Pretty Baby...

I'm really, really, really disturbed after seeing this, therefore I have to share my disgust with you -- but BEWARE! You could likely catch something through the computer just from looking at Lindsay Lohan's ever-appearing crotch. (That, or your eyes may catch fire.) I think it has made more public appearances lately than she has. Girl, learn to close those legs -- I know it's hard, but come on... [Oh, and anyone who actually clicks on the link, don't say I didn't warn you.] And in the event that it is Photoshopped, bitch still needs to quit spreading her legs all over town anyway.

*Also, be sure to read another hilarious story on the trials & tribulations of Paris Hilton: Nobody Wants Paris... Now, that is comedy!!! Mu-ha-ha-ha-ha!!! Her rejections just fill me with *glee*.

I finally went & got a haircut/trim today, as it was approaching near Crystal Gayle proportions. I called Jon to tell him & his response was, "How bad is it... [pause] Uh, I mean, how short did you get it cut?" Yeah, nice catch. Why is it that everyone (i.e. my boyfriend, my mom, my grandmother, my cousin, every boyfriend I've had in the past, etc.) is so worried that I am going to chop my hair off? I mean, come on, I would look like a 13-year old. [Just take a gander at the picture the left -- circa 1999 -- to see my one & only adventure into short hairdom... suffice to say it won't happen again.] It was not good. And I'm definitely not a "pixie cut" kind of girl, I'm a "long locks" kind of girl... Must just be the unwavering beauty & luster of my hair, right? Yeah, ummm, sure...

My cousin's oldest little boy, Thomas, was chosen by a child modeling agency to be in ads for places like Macy's. No, it's not some scam or anything, he's just darn cute. My dad cleverly (& jokingly) pointed out that it's too bad the younger one didn't try out since he's the one willing to wear dresses!!! Hopefully he will have fun doing it... if not, my cousin will have him out of there so fast, it will make your head spin!!!
Adorable little nugget, isn't he? Of course, I'm not biased on single bit. ;)


Blogger Silent One said...

thanks for the laugh... at Paris. That is great!
can't stand her... or Lohan.

I think your hair in the picture it nice.... but then I am biased to short hair...LOL

Thomas is sooo cute... hope he enjoys his modeling time...

10:22 AM  
Blogger Silent One said...

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