Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It's a Football Fiesta!

Those few days of each year chock-full of FOOTBALL & bowl games are glorious -- when there is nary an hour that passes without being able to flip on the telly & watch a good ol' game of the pigskin... (Though I could -- and probably WILL -- create one hell of an editorial regarding the amount of bowl games there are nowadays, & how it takes away from the honor & pride of being a bowl contender -- not to mention, enough with the names! No more "Peach" Bowl? I mean, WTF!? But more on that later, along with my fantasy football drama...)

Anway... Did anyone out there watch the Fiesta Bowl? (I'm sorry -- the TOSTITOS Fiesta Bowl) The favored Oklahoma Sooners vs. the Boise State Broncos. Not a game that I thought I would be particularly interested in, to tell you that truth, but that game ended up having everything that you could ask for in a great football game:

  • Interceptions galore
  • Creative plays (lateral passes, fakes, etc.)
  • Significant lead followed by a quick comeback
  • Tied @ the end of regulation so it went into OT
  • 7 points scored on the first possession of overtime
  • Risky 2-point conversion attempt on the answer
  • The underdog (Boise State) wins!!!

And finally... while Boise State Running Back Ian Johnson was being interviewed after the game, he was standing there with his Boise State cheerleader girlfriend -- almost so perfect that it's cliche', right?... And then, after he talks about the game, he proceeds get down on one knee and proposes. Now, don't get me wrong -- I'm soooo not the stereotypical sappy, dying-to-get-married-and-have-a-baby-as-soon-as-possible (definitely NOT right now, at least!), Lifetime Movie-addicted, chick-lit reading, fairy tale kind of girl (uh, is there something wrong with me?), but that was damn sweet. But good for them, you know?

I mean, people... I don't care if you love or hate football, are a manly-man or a girly-girl, whatever -- this had it all! I have not enjoyed a football game this much in a long time! (let me clarify: I have not enjoyed a football game this much that I was not attending in person in a long time!) Good game, good game.


Blogger Gary Wood said...

Great game. Boise was only a 7 point underdog. Sorry we lost but your right that was a great game.

4:28 PM  
Blogger *the queen* said...

I didn't realize the spread was so low (I made a correction for that in my post, too)! Well, nonetheless, I agree -- some good football playin'... ;)

9:45 PM  

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