Tuesday, February 06, 2007

my rainy & royal pod addiction.

Song I randomly have chosen to keep playing on my iPod over & over tonight: "Rain King" by Counting Crows...

You ever have a song where you know the words, but then you realize that you've never really knew the words? This song's like that for me right now. Got it in my head, can't get it out. Must repeat song... over & over & over & over & over... Seriously. While folding clothes, while drinking wine, while checking email, while knocking the dogs out of the way (because we all know they are always in the way), I've been playing that song.

I actually do dig the lyrics, though. Take a gander at 'em if you want... Very interesting [& perhaps a bit subconsciously appropos?] meaning, Dr. Freud... very interesting, indeed.

{Henderson the Rain King may make be next up in the reading queue now...}


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