Thursday, July 28, 2005

Long Island Iced Teas are evil, Evil, EVIL...

Heather & Kelly -- Faraway Places -- 7/27/2005There is a reason the acronym for Long Island [Iced] Tea spells L.I.T.!!!!

This morning, I -- along with some other poor souls -- are feeling the awful aftermath of imbibing such vile liquids last night (pitchers, no less!). Why, oh why, could I not be off of work today? My bed was being so good to me, and then I had to abandon it and literally draaaaaaaaaaag myself to work, looking like a HuNgOvEr, too-old-for-this-anymore hag who used to be in a hell of a lot better drinking shape than she is now! Really, I am disappointing myself here...


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