Friday, September 09, 2005

Miscellaneous Rambling.

Kelly & Jon -- August 24, 2005I woke up this morning with a headache from hell. I think I would feel much better if someone would just come along, smack the back of my head really hard, and make my eyeballs pop out b/c they hurt like a bitch!!!! However, I can't complain too much b/c it is no doubt the result of a night of drinking and being in a smoky bar last night for Jon's birthday... So at least for this headache, I have something to show for it (other than a beer gut, which I do not have, thank you very much) rather than one of those that strikes for no good reason... I'd say this one is well worth it because I'm a pretty darn happy girl...

Stranded Dogs Awaiting Rescue in New OrleansIn other news, the horrible aftermath of Hurricane Katrina continues... But at least now it looks like some progress is being made. My dad has been down in Long Beach, MS all week working w/ the relief efforts, & he said it's like everyone who comes in for help is in "another world", & I imagine they feel the same way... Life as they knew it was completely turned upside down 12 days ago & will never be the same. We all need to continue to pray & do what we can, w/ our time as well as our money... I know I have been hearing awful stories about the abandoned pets & animals down there (if you haven't noticed, critters are my weakness), so I've made donations to a couple of different animal rescue & relief groups... It literally makes me ill to think about all of the suffering...


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