Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Could it be possible?

Even though the trip was planned months in advance, it looks as though I am actually going to be able to make a trip to the beach with -- dare I say it? -- no chance of a fucking hurricane taking us out while we're there!!! I probably just jinxed that, huh? Something is bound to happen now. Monsoon? Tsunami? Earthquake? I know, I know, my positive outlook is almost too much to take, isn't it? I guess if I didn't drink so much, maybe the damn glass would be half-full more often. ;-)

{on a side note, and I love side notes, I'm trying to do better about using the versatile and oh-so-eloquent word "fuck" and all of its various forms. Prognosis: not good.}


Blogger *the queen* said...

I can't believe I spoke/wrote too soon. Ominously.

4:50 PM  
Blogger Liquid said...

Whoa......that is bizarre!
I am in Meridian Mississippi and we're still cleaning up around here! Geeze.
I have so thouroughly enjoyed your blog! Came here from Memphis Steve's. Glad I found you! I'm gonna link you so that I can return soon and often.


9:24 AM  
Blogger *the queen* said...

Awwww, thanks! That made me feel really good! :)

12:55 PM  

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