Friday, August 12, 2005

The "F" Word.

Get your mind out of the gutter (you know who you are), I was referring to the word "Friday"... which it finally is, thank the good sweet Lord!!!

Dixie's 'What the hell?  Why is there a new animal in MY house?' faceAnd to clarify after my last post -- lest all of my "loyal readers" (bless your hearts, you poor, sweet souls) think that I really am as ego-centric and selfish as it might appear... The truth is, I'm really not THAT bad. Yeah, it's about me (hee, hee!), but it's also all about my girls, Dixie Lou (pictured here since I realized I have not given her the credit she's due, blog-wise, for living with me for 7 years!) and Mattie (see "The Great Burger Face-Off" post)...among other things, of course, but do you really want me to bore you with more specifics or pet pictures?

But enough about that. Because where will I be next week? THE BEACH. Not at my own condo, which is still under repairs from Hurricane Ivan (I'll spare you the choice words I have to describe that situation), but at the beach nonetheless (thank you, Reed -- you're the best!)... Ever since college, a group of my friends have tried to keep up an annual "Bitch Beach Bash" weekend every summer, which gets harder & harder to do as time goes on & our lives diverge more & more... In fact, not everyone will be making it this year, but we're still doing pretty good! The picture is from "BBB 2002", which now seems like AGES ago! I'm not too sure about this whole "getting old" thing... Perhaps I should have just called it a day when I turned 21.


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