Monday, November 07, 2005

Love & Shit.

My dear sweet boyfriend just sent me an e-mail w/ some attached images that stated, "Saw these & immediately thought of you..." I have included one of the images above, just to show you what a loving and romantic relationship we have (in all actuality, he really is so wonderful and, bless his heart, puts up with waaaaaaaaaay more than he ever should have to!)... And in my eloquent way, I'm kind enough to tell him that I love the shit out of him. ;)
My Yahoo! homepage daily horoscope states the following untruth: "You've been given several wonderful gifts: tact and diplomacy, for starters...." Uhhh, I have? That's news to me. Even my co-worker laughed out loud when I read that one to her... ION, I've long held the stance that I was never the "cheerleader-type" -- you know, peppy & energetic? But now I have PROOF that I was never the cheerleader-type. Most notably in this case, I like boys, not girls. Sadly, this is probably every guy's wet dream.


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