Tuesday, July 04, 2006

4th of July -- Cue Up the Shooter Jennings... [CLICK HERE]

Happy Independence Day, fellow Americans!!! I have been nothing but a lazy bum for the past 24 hours or so -- anything but a little firecracker of energy. Booooo on me, right? I guess that's a very pitiful & uninspiring way of celebrating this, the 230th anniversary of our great nation's independence, huh? That nation which affords me the luxury of actually being able to exercise the option to be a lazy bum for a day. God Bless America!!!

[In all seriousness, though, God bless all of our troops who could not be here at home to celebrate this 4th of July with us...]

Even though today is the day to celebrate the United States, I could not help but post this picture from the Czech Republic that was sent to me & taken by Matthew, totally used without asking permission.
But I'm giving him his credit for an awesome shot [isn't that gorgeous?], and flaunting my pea-green envy that he is world-travelin' while I'm slaving away my life every day here at home. Okay, okay... so life is pretty good for me, what am I complaining about? I'm just an ungrateful bitch, I guess.

Well, it's about time for another in a line of requisite Independence Day cocktails... already scarfed down some ribs like a good little fat ass. :)


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