Monday, July 03, 2006

" Rubbin's Racin' "

This past weekend, I went with my parents and Jon to the U.S. Grand Prix (F1 race) in Indianapolis where we met up with my cousin & her husband... True to form & as predicted, Mom & I got into a lovely spat before we even loaded our fat asses up into the car to begin the 9-hour sojourn north to Indiana!!! Oh, and on the way home. Just north of Nashville yesterday, she pulled out the dramatics which somehow led to me being told to just shut up. Soooo, I put on my earphones, cued up my iPod, & did just that. What, you have a question for me? Sorry, I'm still in "shut-up mode". Gotta love family road trips...
I won't go into specifics about the race -- if you care, you either already know, or you can click on the "U.S. Grand Prix" link above... Suffice to say that a good time was had by all at what may have been the last running of the U.S. Grand Prix at Indy. (Note: Bernie Ecclestone, the F1 boss, can take his derogatory comments about the U.S. and shove them up his Andy Warhol-looking, arrogant, European, tight ass...)

Snippets & tidbits that could not be left unshared:

Here's wishing everyone out there a safe & happy 4th of July!!!


Blogger Silent One said...

Happy 4th of July to you and yours!

Have a fun and safe time...

I had a good giggle about your road trip with your mama... LOL
too funny!

9:23 AM  
Blogger *the queen* said...

And if you actually knew my mother, this might not sound too out-of-character, actually. We are a family full of "the dramatics", that's for sure!!!

But we made it to see another day... this time. ;)

6:45 PM  

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