Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Drink, Drank, Almost Drunk.

I met my parents for my dad's birthday lunch and, upon arrival, my mom announces that 3 Bloody Marys are on their way -- woo-hoo!!! Well, little did I know just how lovingly generous they would be with their vodka for a lunchtime drink (not that I'm complaining -- you will never hear me complain about anyone bringing me a drink that is too strong!)... Short story long, I came back to work and suddenly I was totally chatty and giggly and, nay, a bit tipsy! It was lovely. Thank you, unnamed restaurant, for your nice, stiff, spicy, olive-infested Bloody Mary. And for the 2 that I had to finish off for my parents as well.

Note: This is all quite appropos considering that, when I took the Blogthings quiz titled, "What Mixed Drink Are You?", I was a Bloody Mary.

[It kinda brought me back to the good ol' days of my first job out of college when a co-worker and I would go to a local brewery restaurant in Memphis and drink beer for lunch. Work was always a lot more amusing on those afternoons... Half-drunk at work. I just consider that a headstart...]


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