Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My Summer Saving Grace...

That's it. Right there. Kudos & thanks go out to the almighty, heavy-duty, smoke-your-lungs-up citronella candle... for without its burning flame, I would be one, big, fat walking mosquito bite this summer.

Or I could just stay inside. Where there is lots & lots of air-conditioning. Like a smart little cookie.

(And if you happened to actually click on that link right up there, then I have to point out that my favorite line is the killer opener, "Judges removed their wigs inside the courts." Oh, my giddy aunt! The horror that bloody heat has put upon them to go so far as to force them to remove those silly wigs!!! But don't worry, because, "The heat failed to dash one of Queen Elizabeth II's annual garden parties. Nearly 8,000 people lined up to enter Buckingham Palace....'Oh my gosh, it's so hot,' said Sonia Read, as she flapped her fan. 'I have never seen anything like this.' " Well, THANK GOD we don't have a REAL catastrophe on our hands!!! Just a few dead ones about, but most of them were probably old anyway, right? Tea & biscuits, anyone?)
And on a very random note, for the love of all that is holy, would someone please tell me why I submit myself to watching The Notebook again & again & a-fucking-gain, every time I find it on t.v.? What, do I think it's not going to depress me this time around? Not to mention, I own the damn DVD!!! I mean, what the hell? And not even "my" kind of movie! Self-inflicted torture, I swear...


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