Friday, July 21, 2006

It's Friday, and I've Got Nothing... I'm making today's a "random picture post" -- I know that's shocking. First of all, is it me, or was this frog staring me down as I took his picture? Oh, he definitely was. Then again, he's probably thinking, "Shit -- here we go again with that bitch and her fucking camera. Ugh." Oh, it's ON, motherfucker.

Last night as I was watering plants that I have not yet been successful at killing, I discovered that I have mushrooms growing in my pots on the front porch. And not the wacky kind of 'shrooms (nor the wacky kind of pot, for that matter):
You know, it must be really, really tiring to sit around and relax all day while the world asks nothing of you but to be cute:
And lastly, yet no less boring than the firstlies, I give you visual irony (in the form of the beetle sitting on top of a stone version of its natural predator):
Wow. I am really, really boring. Plus, lately I will turn around to start doing something & totally forget what it was that I had intended to do. Just poof! Gone. Can you get Alzheimer's at the age of 29? Because I swear, I think I'm losing my mind. Slowly but surely.

Happy Friday, bitches.


Blogger Silent One said...

the little froggie does look like he is giving you attitude...

hope you had a good weekend

8:45 PM  

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