Thursday, July 20, 2006

Oh, Deer...

It's perfectly normal to start out your day feeding a very preggers deer 'nilla wafers, right? (no doubt said wafers were purchased in bulk at Sam's Club due to the sheer volume of them that she goes through on a daily basis -- plus, men seem to love the idea of BUYING IN BULK) Not sure when that baby is gonna appear, but let me tell you, she is udderly [ha, I slay me!] fat as a pig!!!

In other news... I never thought I attended a college that could ever be labeled "the gates of hell" by any group -- much less an anti-abortion group -- but apparently I was wrong. [not to mention, it is a Methodist college!] I guess they just went by proximity to the aboriton clinic? Because that's really what is going to make me decide to get an abortion -- location, location, location!!! Thank you, abortion activists, for bringing this lovely issue to light & for making a spectacle in our state's capitol. Oh, & for making my education at Millsaps College even more valuable than before by dubbing it "the gates of hell" -- y'all rock! (Note: This isn't me giving my opinion on the abortion issue in any way, shape or form... but I must take a bit of exception when someone dubs my educational institution such a horrible name! You can read the entire article in the Clarion-Ledger if you want more...)

I hate to be a downer, but we had a very bizarre and tragic incident on Tuesday night here in my hometown -- a house literally exploded and a local woman was killed. People, this story will scare the shit out of you, especially if you have any gas appliances!!! According to the Meridian Star, "The force of the explosion was so intense that it reportedly blew out the windows of neighbors’ homes, and could be heard and felt several miles away... Other neighbors thought the explosion was a plane crash."



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