Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What's New, Pussycat?

There she is, my "new" stray kitty. That is how she rode the entire way home from the vet's office this morning, halfway in & halfway out of the box I had her in... Here's the skinny:

This adorable little black kitten started showing up at my front door a little over a week ago, mewing up a storm (even jumps in my car with me!). She is absolutely the sweetest, friendliest little thing ever! Jon had warned me not to go outside when I told him about her (though, of course, I didn't listen!). Then, the other day, he came in & admitted that he had fallen for it, too, and had been outside petting her. I am in love with this kitten, I swear!!!

Anyway, her little nose was runny & yucky, and I asked my aunt what that could be a sign of (she & my uncle used to own a vet clinic). Well, I was heartbroken to learn that the snotty little nose could be a sign of feline distemper. NOT what I wanted to hear... (Shhh, do you hear that? It's the sound of my heart breaking!)

Jon & I agreed that we needed to take her to the vet as we just could not let her go on without being checked out. No matter what, I'm keeping a close watch on this sweetheart... If I can fix it, I will!!! :)

Update: AFTER the Visit to the Vet's Office:

Kitty & I trucked our happy selves to the vet this morning and got a diagnosis & some meds. Jon dropped by in the middle of the exam (she broke both of our hearts, so we're splitting her bill). You'd have thought we were at the hospital with a sick relative, I swear!!!

Since there can be 140+ different types of feline respiratory disorders, it could be any of them. But we now have eye drops and oral antibiotics to give her, and the vet said if she was eating, that was a good sign. Soooooo, when I got her home, I put out some wet cat food & she dug right in!!! *fingers crossed* Just have to keep her away from Miss Dixie, my inside kitty.... though that shouldn't be hard because she was not amused by the arrival of this kitten on HER porch!!

As kitty & I were leaving the vet's office this morning, I had her inside a box -- taped shut, mind you -- only to have her little head pop out despite all of my attempts to keep her shut in it while I was driving (see photo above left).

Well, I finally gave up and that was how we rode home. She sat like that the entire ride back to my house, half in the box & half out (and it wasn't because she was stuck, I promise!)... So cute, so sweet, so adorable... (just gotta excuse the funky eyes & nose -- she had to have some medicine put in them!)

Gotta give the girl some credit, she just wanted to see the sights!!! Wish us luck...


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