Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Life... It's All So Exhausting.

Work, eat, sleep, go, go, go... oh, life, you ask so much of me!!!

Been falling behind on my updates again, haven't I? You would think that is a sign of being too busy, and I guess that is partially the case.... but mostly it's that pesky laziness of mine! I think about updating a lot more than I actually do any updating. Story of my life, right?

Anyway... I'm getting by today by listening to live streaming music from various stations around the country/world. Earlier is was Triple J in Australia (until they started playing speed metal, which is not very conducive to background music in an office, you know?) and now it's KEXP in Seattle (though they just played Kanye West. Ugh... But I guess since they followed it up with Violent Femmes, there is a little bit of redemption there)...

On a totally different note, have I mentioned that I loooove this time of year? Cooler weather (maybe it will actually be cooler than 75 degrees this Christmas?) and FOOTBALL!!! And speaking of football, mine & Meredith's fantasy team tied this week -- which was pretty lucky because we really had some major underachievers (Olindo Mare, I would say I'm talking to you, but you were f-ing dropped today for sucking...). Better step up the game, boys! ;) Also, went to watch the pee-wee football team who Jon and his brother are coaching play this past Saturday (7-9 year olds) -- check out Coach Pollard giving his defense some hell (they love it):
Okay, gotta run -- time to go get some semblance of work done... Just one more picture, though... This little beauty was discovered peeking through my fence one morning (actually, there are tons of them). Being the anti-morning person that I am, it's a miracle that I ever even discovered that I have morning glories in my yard since we don't exactly keep the same hours!!! Notice the little ant trying to escape the big, burly human taking its picture:Later taters...


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