Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Week 1

My computer at work CRASHED again (yes, again) on the Friday before Labor Day, and I was without it for nearly the entire week. You know, that first of the month? My busiest time at work? Yeah, real fucking convenient. But anyway, the motherboard was finally replaced and, if I can ever get through with all of the Windows updates, I'll be good to go... But that would explain my lack of blogging lately... In other news, and perhaps more importantly, The Royal Bitches (i.e. Meredith & I) won our Week 1 match-up this week in the Wednesday Nighters fantasy football league by beating mmmBallssss (i.e. Matt) 91-67. Nice start to the season! Woo-hoo!!!

Once again, I have to give thanks for the iPhone, for it allowed me to follow along with the scores throughout the day without ever having to leave the couch... except when I was out of beer (but maybe they will come out with an update for that soon?). I don't care if they did drop the price, I still love that damn thing.


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