Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Last night I went outside to play with Mattie for a little bit, you know, give the ol' stuffed burger a toss. Mind you, my yard looks like a child's emptied toy chest, with the dog's stuffed animals littering it from fence to fence... Anyway, thankfully this is not one of her more favored toys, as I discovered this poor little stuffed bear being attacked by some very angry (and apparently not very intelligent) ants... I mean, what in the hell are they eating? Dried dog slobber? Poor Mr. Bear...

Matthew MorenziMy cousin came in town last night with her little boys and we had a family dinner... The little one is to the point where he is not just on the sleep-eat-sleep schedule, and he's SO easy to make smile (a big plus for me since I'm no expert @ entertaining babies)... And he also seems to REALLY like the taste of his own hand. Not his fingers, his WHOLE HAND. He's only a little over 3 mos. old, but the child has virtually no hair, as you can see -- makes us giggle... But he scored major points with me by NOT CRYING (except for the time my mom twisted his foot into the clasp of her chunky gold bracelet, at which point I think I would have cried, too). Heck, I think we might even keep him...


Blogger Master of None said...

My condolences (sp?) to the toy. We stopped giving our Jack Russell toys because he just destroys them so fast. He went through the "Indestructible Ball" in 8 minutes. It's the same as the regular ball, they can just charge $3 more if they call it indestructible.

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