Monday, September 12, 2005

Like Kimberly's Celine Dion Vegas houseslippers say: "A New Day Has Dawned."

It's a "Brand New Day" -- even if it is a Monday -- and for that reason, I will refrain from (or at least cut down on) any more political bitching as that doth not an interesting blog maketh... What's that you say? Did I really consider this to be an "interesting" blog BEFORE I started the ranting & raving!? Well, up yours then.

Just for that, I have to, Have To, HAVE TO get one more little giggle in about the absurdity of some of our more famous and outspoken U.S. citizens (No, Rev. Jackson, you are getting a most undeserved reprieve on this one)... and that jab comes in the form of a photo taken of one Sean Justin Penn, movie actor/"Hollywood activist"/uber-liberal/professional shit-stirrer, "helping" out in New Orleans (admittedly, he's a fine actor, and it's a noble cause, I must concede, but it's still an ironically funny picture no matter which way you slice it)... So, may I present to you, ladies & gentlemen, Mr. Sean Penn in his sinking rescue boat:

I know, I know... it's terrible to laugh at someone trying to help out, but wouldn't his money be more helpful than his presence? I mean, buy a bigger boat at least for the real rescuers!!! Then again, that might not garner the same publicity, huh? But thanks for the laugh in what has been a pretty down-in-the-dumps couple of weeks here in Mississippi!!! Hee, hee...

Big Decision of the Day: I'm going to get drunk tonight. It's a goal. I will do it. I have just had one of those days -- not a particularly BAD day, but a day that would be much better if capped off by an over-imbibing episode of silly drunkenness. You know why? BECAUSE I CAN. Yes, I recognize how sad that is, but I just don't care at the moment. Now, that begs the question: what kind of drunk do I want to get? Beer drunk? Nah, takes too long, makes me feel like a beached whale, and let's face it, I already pee way too often as it is. Liquor drunk? Well, while it IS indeed quick, it's also when I have the tendency to act like the biggest arsehole, so that is nixed (I know, hard to believe, isn't it?). Absinthe drunk? Good heavens, NO... because I need to actually make it to work tomorrow and the next day!!! Sooooo, that leaves us with the good ol' standby, WINE DRUNK. The twenty-something girl's best friend. Ah yes, wine drunk it is...

I'll update on the headache I give myself [deservedly] at a later date.


Blogger Kimpossible said...

That picture can't be real! Was there really no photoshopping insert of the dixie cup? I love it.

Let me know how the wine binge went. Mine used to start everyday around 5 p.m., but now that I'm teaching 3 nights/week, I've had to cut back. What kind of wine was it? Was the label pretty? We need details.

Oh, and p.s., I go by "Kim" now, thank you.

7:56 AM  
Blogger *the queen* said...

1.) As for the Sean Penn story, I can only assume it's true, as reported in Yahoo! News and other places -- -- and Lord knows, would Yahoo! dare lie to us? Hee, hee...

2.) The wine drunk went quite well (mix in a couple of mimosas and we were good to go... And the labels MUST be pretty for sure! Anything from Fat Bastard to Royal Bitch to Fat Ass Merlot -- some of my personal faves...

3.) I know, I know... but it's hard for me to call you "Kim" -- I know too many already, and you were my only "Kimberly". I thought it was "Bob" now, anyway? ;-)

8:58 AM  

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