Monday, September 19, 2005

Gardening & Fashion Observations...

Contrary to the picture of the plant above, I am not using the top of my filing cabinet at work to grow marijuana... That pitiful little green weed is actually what is left (or, to be more precise, what is growing back) of a "money tree" that once resided at my house and is supposed to bring good financial luck. However, my cat took it upon herself to EAT IT down to a stump, and therefore, I had to rescue it and bring it to work with me in the hopes of sparing it and my bank account from an untimely death at the hands of a fierce kitty. And as it grows back, it looks suprisingly like POT [not that I would know, of course]. Hmmmm... maybe now I know why the cat liked it so much... ;-)

<-- In other news, I did not watch the Emmy's last night, but I did catch a sad glimpse of this tragedy of an outfit at left on GMA this morning. File this one under the "What the Fuck?" category... Supposedly this is "actress" Tess Smith attempting to get garner some attention, but I have my doubts as to the "actress" part of her credentials (pornos, B-movies?) as I cannot find her on, and Lord knows, if you haven't made it to the Internet Movie Database, well, you haven't really arrived. Being half-naked wrapped in shards of Kleenex doesn't count.


Blogger DIE! DIE! said...

Haha! I like how you described her dress:D I think her outfit is interesting. I wouldn't wear it, but I still think it's neat...I don't recognize her name or her face either...

4:54 PM  

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