Friday, September 23, 2005

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned...

Good gracious. PRAY, people...
It's Friday and we are at work today here in Central Mississippi, but really we are all busy being amateur meteorologists on "storm watch" -- the phones are quiet, the news is on everywhere you turn, and there is an apprehensive feeling in the air. It doesn't matter that we are only expecting to get some much-needed rain here from Rita, because we ALL have family and friends in Texas and Louisiana, and since Katrina's wrath, things are not taken lightly anymore. People and cities I love are in the paths of possible destruction, and all I can do is sit here and read the news and PRAY. It's a helpless feeling of impending doom. I swear, you could cut the anxiety with a knife.


Blogger Donna said...

A helpless feeling of impending doom is an excellent description of the feelings! Praying for the Rita victims and continuing to pray for the Katrina victims!

(I love reading your blog by the way!)

9:14 AM  

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