Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Late Start.

I am now on Day #3 of attempting to get off of my arse and meet up with Jon to get a Christmas tree. Even worse, the place we are getting it from is ON MY WAY HOME FROM WORK and they will DELIVER. All we have to do it go point to a tree and cough up some cash, yet we still have failed miserably to do so. I'm so disappointed in myself -- usually I have a tree up before the Thanksgiving dishes even make their way to the dishwasher (oh, who am I kidding -- this is the 1st year I've actually had Thanksgiving at my house, and usually I do a fake tree so all I have to do is pull it out of the attic, lights still wrapped on it, but still)... So today we have a lunch date with a Christmas tree. And I WILL be in full decorating mode tonight, dammit!!! Of course, that will involve a little bit of drinking, too -- you know, to get in the Christmas spirit. Perhaps a little egg nog and moonshine? (that's my dad's favorite seasonal toddy)


Blogger Needra said...

Thank you!!!

some friends of mine must have heard your threat to string lights and stuff... cuz they all decended on my place last evening...

i have to agree... christmas decorations go on a whole lot better when drinking is involved.
they actually look better too... lol

thank you my blog-friend for your kind words and thoughts.

9:23 AM  

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